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WXC holder ETE airdrop notice

2018-11-28 07:03:21

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Hello Ecoinbank members,


This is a detailed notice on ETE airdrop.


We have created a snapshot on 2018-11-28 5:00 UTC and was delivered to qualifying members right away.


Having 100,000 WXC gave a member a right to earn 1 portion (maximum of 2 portions).


Total of 189 portions were given.

The portions do not include developer accounts.


Total of 500,000 ETE was divided into 189 portions and was then distributed to respective members.



Members qualified for 1 portion received 2645.4 ETE and members qualified for 2 portions received 5,291 ETE.


Members are able to check ETE balance on Assets tab.


Startinf next week, we will be holding trade king event promotion for ETE trading.



Thank you, Ecoinbank