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Coinpang Event

2018-10-19 07:44:14

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Hello Ecoinbank Users!
In order to thank our Ecoinbank members, we have launched Coinpang Event where you can win free WXC coins and other Airdrop Coins.
Event Starting Date
1st Place 100,000 WXC: Match 6 Coins
2nd Place 10,000 WXC: Match 5 Coins
3rd Place 200 WXC: Match 4 Coins
4th Place 10 WXC: Match 3 Coins
5th Place 2 WXC: Match 2 Coins
6th Place 1 WXC: Match 1 Coins
Ways to Get Tickets
1. First Login of The Day: 1 ticket per day.
2. Trade on The Exchange: If a trade is successful on the exchange, you will receive 1 ticket per transaction. (Up to 5 tickets per day)
3. Promotion: When you share via social media under [Promotion], you will receive 1 ticket.(Up to 5 tickets per day)
4. Referred Member's Security Level: If referred member becomes security level 2, referer will receive 5 tickets
The tickets received will not expire
There is a daily limit of 10 games per day